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                                  Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan at 24th meeting of the high-level Group of Ministers (GoM) on COVID-19 on Friday.

                                  Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan at 24th meeting of the high-level Group of Ministers (GoM) on COVID-19 on Friday.

                                  srars,rummypassion,bet365 soccer live,Over 6.45 cr COVID-19 doses exported to 84 countries, says Union Health Minister

                                  10cric login | Updated: Apr 09, 2021 13:45 IST

                                    1. New 10cric casino review [India], April 9 (10cric login): Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Friday informed that the country has, so far, exported 6.45 crores COVID-19 vaccine doses to as many as 84 countries.
                                      Out of these doses, 1.05 crores have been given as grants to 44 countries, while 3.58 crores jabs to 25 countries have been given under commercial contracts and 1.82 crores to 39 countries through World Health Organisation (WHO)'s COVAX facility.

                                        • He was speaking at the 24th meeting of the high-level Group of Ministers (GoM) on COVID-19.
                                          Speaking regarding the inoculation drive in the country, the Union Minister said, "For those between age 45 and 59, first dose has been received by over 2.61 crores people and second dose has been received by 5,23,268 people."
                                          He added that over 3.75 crores, above 60 years of age, have received their first dose, while over 13 lakh people have received second dose. (10cric login)

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