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                          Mason Mount (Photo/ Mason Mount Twitter)

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                            Mason Mount (Photo/ Mason Mount Twitter)

                            ladbrokes correct score predictions,bet365 live score,legal online betting sites,Job is not done yet, says Mount after win over Porto

                            10cric login | Updated: Apr 08, 2021 22:10 IST

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                                  Sevilla [Spain], April 8 (10cric login): After securing a win over Porto in the first leg, Chelsea's Mason Mount said that the job is not done yet, stressing that they must take the same focus and energy into the second leg too.
                                  Chelsea secured a 2-0 win over Porto in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League here on Thursday. The second leg will be played on April 14.
                                  "The job is not done and we know that. They are going to come and fight in the second leg and we going to have to be prepared for that and do it all again. We will be ready, that's for sure," the club's official website quoted Mount as saying.

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                                      "We came into this game 100 per cent focused and prepared, with the commitment to go and win and we managed to do that. We must take that focus and energy into the second leg too," he added.
                                      During the match, Mount scored the opening goal in the first half, followed by a strike from Ben Chilwell in the 85th minute.
                                      Mount said he is happy to get on the scoresheet. "Scoring more goals is something I want to do, so I'm happy to have got on the scoresheet and most importantly get the win to take into the second leg," he said. (10cric login)


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