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Building a Peer-to-Peer Multiplayer Networked Game

Non-authoritative implementation using P2P architecture. In this tutorial I present the implementation of a multiplayer game played over the network using a non-authoritative P2P approach. The game is a deathmatch arena where each player controls a ship able to shoot and drop bombs.

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The lower P2P ping would dramatically reduce the prediction lag between players depending on their location: The effect probably wouldn't be visible for most US gamers, but here in Europe pings of 200+ are normal on most servers and a direct connection would reduce the prediction lag to that of a European server. A true P2P approach without server is a bit more complex: A main concern with decentralized networks is ensuring consistency, especially if the simulation could suffer from ...

Why are Dedicated Servers Are Better Than P2P for Gaming ...

Dedicated Server Gaming Vs. P2P. Dedicated servers are typically fast and powerful, and because of this, they can be used in many different ways. Dedicated servers are normally housed inside of a data center. The power and connectivity a data center has makes these types of speeds possible. There are many uses and benefits of using a dedicated server. A dedicated server can be used for Virtual Private Networks, Private Communications, Data Syncing, Website Hosting, and of course Game Server ...

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This server configuration works for most people, but there are disadvantages, such as a lack of customizability. P2P hosting is another popular choice for modern multiplayer gaming. P2P allows one player to dynamically act as a host that facilitates the connections of other players.

Can I make a game using P2P multiplayer? - Unity Forum

Unless you go out of your way, if you use UNet or Mirror (can't speak for newer Unity Networking), you will be using P2P by default. It's all pretty standard stuff really, it tends to be easier to set up a networked game to use P2P than dedicated server, since you don't need to worry about a separate server component and paying for physical servers.

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MMO servers use industry grade networking and the power to make the hardware work. A P2P network is good for single player games with a lobby shooter extension or multiplayer games solely based around lobby shooting, where games don’t last very long and are ‘reset’ at the end of a match.

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Peer to peer games are like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 where one player was dedicated as the "host". Thats why if the host left the game would stop, and dedicate a new one. PUBG and Fortnite are dedicated server based. That means there is a computer (server) dedicated to running the game that everyone connects to.

Is P2P Bad for Online Multiplayer? : gamedev

P2P with a large playerbase with QoS estimates to at least the matchmaking server, has the possibility of being better; and much better depending on where the matchmaking server(s) are located. P2P with rebroadcast servers (NAT avoidance is one common reason) in multiple geographic locations could have similar performance to dedicated servers in terms of the networking assuming the clients all have good performance.