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Three Steps to Picking a Tennis Doubles Partner: 1 . Talk with your partner before you play to see if their skills match up well against the competition: If both players are around the same skill level and play complementary styles, then they will provide more consistent results than two highly talented but unbalanced doubles teams that don’t mesh together.

Tennis Tip: How to Pick Your Doubles Partner

This one seems like a no-brainer, but often, people will pick a doubles partner based on their singles prowess, regardless of how you think they would mesh with you on the court. Is there a guy or gal in your tennis circle who is a great player, but a showboat or selfish player? Avoid this person at all costs. Doubles is much more about how you play together rather than your individual abilities. If you think there is any chance that you may not be comfortable playing with someone, then they ...

5 greatest tennis doubles pairs of all time

Navratilova would win a doubles title a year over the next two years, twice with WTA founder and tennis legend Billie Jean King. But it was the beginnings of her partnership with American ace Pam ...

7 Tips for Choosing a Doubles Partner | ACTIVE

Below are my tennis doubles tips and strategies on how to increase your odds of creating a winning doubles team -- both on the court and off. In 1978, Nick Bollettieri founded the IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy, the first full-time tennis boarding school to combine intense training on the court with a custom-designed academic curriculum.

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Finding tennis player partner for doubles does not mean finding the best singles player. You have to find someone who plays at the same or higher level and at the same time compliments your game. Eg - if you are a good server and play well around the net, but have trouble breaking serve, find someone that returns serve well and can help you in that department.

Fundamentals of Doubles Tennis Tactics and Strategy - Updated ...

Before moving on to more advanced strategy, let us first understand the basics of doubles tennis strategy. A doubles game is more about coordination than individual talent, skills, and raw power. If Nadal and Federer were to play as partners, they wouldn’t be half as effective as they are as individual players.

15 Must-Know Tips For Perfect Tennis Doubles - Serve and ...

But in doubles, you have a partner covering the rest of the court. So when on defense in doubles, hit a defensive shot that has an excellent chance to land inbounds. It’s a higher percentage deal at the club level to make your opponents hit another overhead or volley rather than hitting the perfect running forehand winner down the line.

What Are The Hand Signals Doubles Players Use on the Tennis ...

Doubles signaling is simple, but if you are unsure what the signs mean it can seem complicated. The hand signals used by doubles players on the tennis court are used by the player at the net to indicate where the server should hit the serve and where the net player will move after the serve.