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Basic Hockey Equipment List

3- Hockey socks- connect them to the velcro of the Jack/Jill shorts. 4-Hockey Breezers. 5-Skates. 6-Shoulder pads. 7-Elbow pads (LOOK at the pad to see what arm to put them on) 8- Hockey shirt. 8- Put tape around the hockey socks to secure the shin pads (Make sure the tape does not go behind the knee) 9-Helmet and snap the straps-Gloves . After playing

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Ice Hockey Equipment List Ice Hockey Equipment. Ice hockey is a major professional sport. The most famous league is the NHL (National Hockey... Accessories. Ice hockey accessories include the following: jock strap, mouthguard, garter belt, tape, skate laces, a... Goalie Equipment. Goalie equipment ...

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Regular Player Equipment 1. Helmet. One of the core protective equipment is a helmet. It comes with a face cage and a few straps. The face cage... 2. NeckGuard. Playing ice hockey involves neck injuries every now and then. It may be a flying puck or a blow of your... 3. Elbow Pads. Whether it’s a ...

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Hockey Gloves – A hockey glove allows a player to hold a stick with great grip and also gives protection to the hands from hand injuries. Hockey Helmet – Head injuries are very usual in the fast-paced game of hockey so a hockey helmet plays a very crucial part in terms of protection to the head.

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HOCKEY EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST. hockey equipment. Athletic Supporter w/cup. Hockey Elbow Pads. Hockey Face Masks. Hockey Helmet. Ice Hockey Gloves. Ice Hockey Stick. Goalie Stick.

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