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My Knee Hurts When Kicking a Soccer Ball | SportsRec

If your knee hurts when kicking a soccer ball, patellofemoral joint syndrome is the likely cause. PFJ is quite common in soccer players, according to the Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic. Knee pain also can result from an anterior cruciate ligament injury, a meniscus tear or bursitis in the affected knee.

Knee Pain From Kicking a Ball | Healthfully

Whether you play soccer as a hobby or on a community team, the repetitive motions from running and kicking can wreak havoc on the muscles and tendons in your knee. The pain you feel when kicking the ball can have a variety of causes, all due to overuse or strain in the knee muscles. By understanding the cause of your knee pain, you'll know better how to treat the pain and adjust your skills to avoid knee pain in the future.

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My Knee Hurts When Sidekicking the Soccer Ball | SportsRec

Overuse of the knee may also cause your knee to hurt when you side kick a soccer ball. One common injury is iliotibial band syndrome, when the iliotibial band becomes irritated. The iliotibial band is a tendon that stretches from your hip to your knee along the outside of your leg. Repetitive flexing of your knee may cause the iliotibial band to become inflamed as it constantly slides back and forth over the end of your femur.

MCL Sprain (Soccer) | SportMedBC

The MCL is one of the most common knee injuries in competitive and recreational soccer. It can occur by itself or in combination with other ligaments. Mechanism of Injury. Outside stress to the knee (i.e. when your soccer player's foot is caught while preparing to kick the soccer ball with the side of the foot).

Common Soccer Knee Injuries and How to Prevent Them

It should be no surprise that the majority of injuries seen in soccer players involve the lower body. Unless you are a goalkeeper, the main movements include using the legs to kick, jump, run and do slide tackles. Knees are central to all this movement, and as players enter teenage years, knees overcome ankles as the most common joint injury in soccer players.

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The 5 Most Common Kicking Injuries: #1 Hip Flexor

The injury was caused due to overuse and kicking too many balls too often. I am now a firm believer in a specific practice routine with careful monitoring of how many balls are kicked in each session.

12 common soccer injuries [& how to treat them] - Global ...

Patellar tendonitis is usually going to be on the knee that does most of the planting while kicking the ball. So for example, a right footed player will usually get this on the left knee . This injury can last a few days, weeks or even months depending on how much you are playing at the moment (frequency of play).

Rectus Femoris Injury - A Kicking Injury?

Injury to the rectus femoris usually involves a forceful movement such as explosively sprinting or forcefully kicking a ball (especially when the athlete’s foot strikes another player whilst trying to kick). You can also injure the rectus femoris with other explosive movements as occur in athletics or gymnastics.