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Tennis Ace is a visual novel following in the more traditional Japanese VN mold, with a lengthier prologue, a higher focus on characterization and anime-esque art. In the game, you follow the life of an 18-year old boy who aspire to become a professional tennis player at the end of his senior year in high school.

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Tennis Ace is a Ren'Py based furry Visual Novel written by WOTB (WorstOfTheBunch). It is based on Sports Anime/Manga tropes, and follows a more traditional Japanese VN mold, with a lengthier prologue, and a higher focus on characterization and anime-esque art.

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Visual Novels 31093 > Tags 2680 Releases 79510 Producers 11821 Staff 23703 Characters 97122 > Traits 2900. v22837; ... Tennis Ace: Developer: Worst of The Basket ...


I'm WOTB (WorstOfTheBunch), and I'm working on Tennis Ace, a non-linear Visual Novel based on Sports Anime/Manga tropes. What is the Story About? The story takes place in Japan, revolving around Yuuichi Michimiya (the name can be altered in-game), an 18-year-old star in Japan's Junior Tennis division who has been in a very long slump.

Tennis Ace (2018/PC) (Part 77) v0.51 - 2nd Playthrough ...

This visual novel can be downloaded at https://wotbasket.itch.io/tennis-aceFor updates and announcements please visit https://twitter.com/PlagueDogGames#visu...

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Tennis Ace Merch. Official merchandise of the Tennis Ace visual novel. Pillow is not included. These are designed for three regular pillows or one 20 x 60 inch body ...


File: Shoichi_0_u18chan.png - (468.18kb, 1928x607, Shoichi.png) His personality hasn't changed. He's still very much a happy-go-lucky guy, it just so happens that Day 12 was more serious (as it was a less slice of life-y day) and the characters in general didn't have much of a chance to goof around all that much.

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Shoichi Urata is Yuuichi Michimiya's best friend and one of the dateable characters in Tennis Ace. Shoichi is a muscular Siberian Husky with dark navy blue fur, light grey underbelly, and green eyes. It is revealed that he is much more robust than he looks. He is seen in three different styles: his school uniform, his volleyball jersey, and, on casual situations, a white v-neck t-shirt with ...

TRAGEDY AND SEX [Shoichi] (Tennis Ace - Episode 53) - YouTube

Let me just start by saying this episode is 18+. No sexy stuff for the minors!!!Anyway, with that out of the way, let me say how excited I am to be playing t...